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smack head Harry Potter on thin ice

so its been 5 days since the Abu Dhabi final last Sunday

before the weekend started some Italian newspaper said binotto was getting fucked off.

so, over the corse of the weekend smack head potter and even Ferrrai themselves came out and denied these rumours.

sayin that smack head is still gonna be the head dick smacker at Ferrrai next year.

so everybody chill out mate


this morning, which is friday, 5 days after the Abu Dhabi grand prix

another 'rumour' emerged but this time its, like, for realz, k, trust me bro

smack head is actually gonna get fired and the report suggests its now just a matter of time before Ferrrai make the oFFiCial announcement

soooooo, who will replace smack head

well, it should be somebody with the same level of leadership skills and competence.

like a chimpanzee or an actual smack head

I literally don't fucking care what happens

Daniel riccardo has gone back to red bull

but he's gonna be pissing about doing demo runs and other media shite

just fucking leave mate

honestly the nerve

you spent the last 2 years getting out performed by your team mate who is an actual foetus

lando norris is an unborn child

thats who you got beat by


FUKING LAPPED, LAPPPPED at the monaco grand prix

yeah fuk off mate

and all these losers on twitter over the last few days like 'awwwww I can't believe he's leaving' and other shite like 'awwwwwww I can't cope with this" BITCH SHUT THE FUK UP


and if you've lost it you need to piss off

this is formula one, only the best drivers in the world....stroll

well, yeah, good point

so Daniel Ricardo is going from mclaren where he was getting slapped by an unborn child

back to red bull to make the fucking tea and coffee

have an ounce of shame and disappear mate

what are you even doing

what are any of them even doing

mate, if I had the amount of money these cunts have

u think I would be pissing about driving f1 cars


id be sat on a beach

in barbados

with a White Russian hold the milk (so vodka straight)

and some dumb big titted blonde broad bouncing of my cock

do that

don't hang around in the background like some loser or Paul di resta


there's like 100 days until the next race

the nerve.

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